Enterprise Resource Planning

Fully managed cloud ERP platform suitable for SME. Utilize ERPNext, the Open Source Alternative to SAP fully managed and hosted in the cloud, for a fraction of the cost!


ERP Basic
  • Managed Cloud Hosting
  • All modules
  • Unlimited users
  • Email support
  • 100 sent emails per month
  • 10 GB file storage
  • 50 MB database storage
$89.99 /month
ERP Advanced
  • Managed Cloud Hosting
  • All modules
  • Unlimited users
  • Phone support (1 hour/week)
  • 1000 sent emails per month
  • 100 GB file storage
  • 500 MB database storage
$199.99 /month
ERP Enterprise
  • Dedicated server
  • Training
  • Modules implementation based on your needs
  • Modules development
  • Configuration and implementation of the ERP Software for you
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Covers most businesses' organizational neeeds





Managing Your Business with 1 System

One of the major benefits of ERP solution in a modern business is that you can manage many core business areas with just one system. An ERP solution integrates all of the different business functions into a single system and allows them to communicate with each other. As an example, when your sales team confirms an order, your ERP system will automatically generate a transaction for the finance department, produce a work order for the production floor, update your inventory, and notify the purchasing department to replenish the appropriate stock.

Real time operations

Since the processes in the example above occur within a few seconds of order receipt, problems are identified quickly, giving the seller more time to correct the situation.


ERP solutions are designed to offer flexibility, adaptability, and scalability for growth. More importantly, one of the enterprise resource planning system benefits is that it can give you the edge in managing your customers, partners, and suppliers. With a modern ERP system, you’ll be able to meet the latest reporting requirements easily. For example, through the e-commerce module of an ERP system, your customers will enjoy a more seamless experience with things like one-click online ordering.

ERP Systems Streamline Business Processes

When selecting and implementing an ERP system, companies are forced to consider – or reconsider – their business processes and workflows. It’s a perfect opportunity to assess what makes sense, what works, what’s important, and what can be improved. By running the ERP system, your organization can gain speed, efficiency, and accuracy in its business operations.

Better Analyze Your Business’ Data

Enterprise resource planning benefits include transforming the way you gather and analyze data from across your business, helping your data teams identify accurate insights into your entire operation quickly. They do this in real time while you can access your data on many devices.

Frequently asked questions

ERPNext is designed for self-implementation, and most companies don’t need any help. However, if you decide to get proffesional help with setting up by choosing our Enterprise plan, we will design an implementation that suits your needs.
You can keep your current plan rate and we will propose additional file storage. Each additional 10GB is charged $5/month.
Your ERP will still be available. If your usage is above the limit for several months in a row we will contact you to discuss about your upgrade options.
The hosting offer includes the hosting of your site in our Frankfurt datacenter, regular updates of the application and the server, as well as storage space, a number of monthly emails and a level of technical support depending on the plan you choose.
The usage of the software, and therefore your hosting needs, do not depend on the number of users. You may want to give access to your accountant or to users with very limited permissions and we understand that you would not want to be fully charged for these types of users.
Our hosting offers include a pre-configured email integration with our email server. In order to prevent spam and abuse, we limit the rate of emails sent out. You can always use your own provider and contact us to have the limit lifted.